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About Baywalk Beauty

Baywalk Beauty was founded in 2015 by Terri, a young wife and the mother of two beautiful girls. The company, in fact, was named after the two girls. The family home is located on Bay Walk in a small oceanside community on Long Island’s south shore and Terri and her girls were often referred to as “The Bay Walk Beauties.”

       Like many young mothers, Terri is a very picky shopper. She, like many in her circle of friends, uses only products that she herself has found to be “tried and true” as well as being a good value. These are the products she gathered together for sale on Baywalk Beauty. Every single one of them passes “The Terri Test.”

       Whether you’re buying a hair conditioner, a styling gel, or simply a mouthwash you can be sure it’s the very best product available.